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Default Re: Opti-2 Great stuff!

Since I sell Amsoil I use it and I like to run Dominator at 50:1 or Saber at 100:1 but I decided to give Opti2 a try after hearing good stuff from other members in here and I gotta admit that the bike does like the Opti2 at 100:1 just a bit better... But it's not uncommon for one engine to like one brand or type and another engine set up the same way to like a different brand or type. I also like the Klotz Benol (or however you spell it) because it also offers excellent protection at high mix ratios but it also tends to leave a residue, but you can also get de gummed castor oil and add to just about any mix for extra protection if ya plan on riding harder than usual, but even de gummed still leaves a little residue if you mix in too much
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