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Default Re: three wheeler engine on a motorized bicycle

Originally Posted by Davezilla View Post
...I can't remember if Honda made a 50cc 4 stroker but they might have for a few years...
edit: my bad, thought I read "50cc 4 cylinder" but it's a four stroker in any case lol (the Super Cub had the common 50cc four stroke horizontal single starting in the late 50's?)

They did ofc... and they were monsters for their size O.O

Honda RC110, RC111 & RC112:

The RC112 is a twin, with bore and stroke of 33 x 29 mm, giving a total capacity of 49.6 cc.
There are 2 valves per cylinder. Ignition is by magneto, lubrication is with wet sump system, and the gearbox is nine speed.
Power is given as over 10 bhp at 17,500 rpm, torque is 0.45 kgm at 15,000 rpm. Dry weight is 62.5 kg.

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