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Default Re: three wheeler engine on a motorized bicycle

The only real way to know the displacement is by what's cast or stamped at the base of the cylinder, and then that's only good as long as the cylinder has never been bored out.
If I remember right, the 110 was the largest of the horizontal engines that went into the Honda ATC's, but I could be wrong since that was like 30 years ago... I do remember they had several sizes back then like a 70, 90, 110, 125, 150, 175, 185, and 200 for the 4 strokers (I can't remember if Honda made a 50cc 4 stroker but they might have for a few years) and then they had the 2 stroke racing ATC's that were 125 or 250cc and pretty much the same as their CR engines they put in the dirtbikes
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