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Default Re: Need a lil help here

O last night was fun on the way back from Safeway getting Cat Liter I stripped the head off my Index shiftier, There's another 10.00 for a new shifter cable. But while riding home last night I decided to look at the sprocket to see if it was true to the wheel Which It was Not. lol So anyone have some good idea's on how to straighten out the sprocket? I will post pics as I go along so everyone can see What I am doing. My biggest problem is the sprocket doesn't even touch my rear hub !! I have about a 1/8" clearance all the way around the sprocket, that's meant to be snug against it.
Well do I need to buy a different sprocket? All the pics I have seen at this point say the sprocket should be snug against the rear hub. I'm putting it on a Double walled Alex rims DM18 w/ a Innova street tire with 14 gauge spokes That I trued up myself. Just can't seem to get that little wobble out of the sprocket.
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