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Wink Re: KC's 68cc 4-stroke 4-speed soft tail

Originally Posted by KCvale View Post
Whatever you go with make sure it doesn't have a clutch lever, the bike has independent hydraulic disc brakes.

And I can paint it because I'm not building it on this ugly charcoal gray main frame.

It is far from a rolling frame however.

1280x view
4000x view (warning, huge detail!)

Man it sure has a beefy swingarm/jackshaft, real motorcycle quality, and look at those welds!

Some instructions would have been nice.
The only instructions I got are how to deal with the hydraulic disc brakes, it's kind of like a jigsaw puzzle with no picture on the box top at the moment but I'm a clever guy and may have it to a 'rolling frame' by the weekend.
It's pretty straight forward for anyone with the ability to build bikes from the ground up.....just assemble it. If you need instructions, you may be in trouble

EDIT: I'm still trying to figure out what this thread is doing in the "Motorized Bicycle General Discussion" forum? Seems to me it might be a little bit more appropriate in the 4-stroke forum here?
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