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Default Need a lil help here

New Kit from FiveStarSeller off of E-bay,My build is 21" Gary Fisher mountain bike 24 speed hard tail with front shocks and a China 66/80cc engine bought from E-bay for 148.50, Black engine kit with chrome muffler. I have pretty much everything on was getting to putting the chain on and started stripping screws, 2 screws out and 1 that just won't give. Have tried almost everything to get this last screw out without drilling it out. My Dad even suggested buying a easy out just for this screw.
Well out of the 2 screws already removed 1 is stripped also, but the 1st is fine.

Just can't seem to get this last bolt to budge. I have already tried a impact driver, That didn't work. The seller even says:
Dear friend,
Thank you for your email and contacting us about the problem.
We have got the pictures and reported it to our technician. He suggest that the screw is too tight and you have to use special screw driver to budge it. You could buy the tool from your local bicycle or motor store. But if there is anything else you concern or need any concern, please feel free to contact us. ** You Think ? lol **
All my tools are craftsman tools I own approx. 20 flat head screw drivers and do not know of any flat head screw driver that can repair stripped heads Well I will try to go around this and thread on the chain without touching up the sprocket tips and see IF I can get it to work anyways. Any Suggestions ??????????????????
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