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Default Re: Reasons for riding Motorized Bicycle

The utility motors are very likeable engines & I considered them myself, but they can paint ya into a corner if you'd like much more then the most basic build & I worry those that see the "good deal" price without further research, the redrive in particular as even the addition of just a TAV2 cvt will put you about $50 shy of the CRF50 clones, with S&H it's so close to the same, add in a good carb and it is... except ofc the limited modification potential, the multiple speed transmission, the charging system & etc.

Again tho - nothing wrong with the utility motors if no more then a basic custom is desired, if ya have one kickin' anyway or jus' wanna play with one - then again that can be said for jus' about any engine lol, I do like 'em all

...although I'll admit I really really despise recoil starters, but that's an almost unjustified personal bias based on 40 below temps, crappy chainsaws & me own wonky shoulders (of which are ofc my fault)

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