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Default Re: Reasons for riding Motorized Bicycle

Big G

As far a 4 strokes go....the Harbor Freight Predator 99cc and 212cc are fairly popular builds. For $99 for a 212cc can't hardly beat that price for an experimental engine. I have even mounted them on my racing gokart after the governor has been removed, rejetted , hi-flow filter and hedder and spin them up on the track all day long at 5800 rpm just for fun. For a $99 cheap china engine....they are tough as nails. Might even get lucky and find a new "hemi" 212cc Predator. Drop in a 1:3 ratio rocker on the intake, remove governor, install 22 lb valve springs and a Mod 2 cam as well as a K&N type filter and Super Snake hedder and you will have one spooky fast ride. Way too much for a bike, but a great conversation piece if nothing else.LOL

Being the practical guy I am..I would probably take a look at the 99cc Harbor Freight Predator. Would be fairly easy to adapt I would think and I am sure there are many threads to be found where that particular engine is used. I havn't really researched the 4 strokes for bike use. My heart lies with the heart breaking, crude little 2 stroke china girls. Why this is....I don't know.
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