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Default Re: Reasons for riding Motorized Bicycle

Growing up poor....a lot of my bikes were scavenged from the local junk ditch. We would piece together Frankenstein bikes that were built from many different throw away bikes and ride them with great pride. We had turned something from the junk pile into a cool cruiser or perhaps an even cooler chopper.

The only thing that could have been even cooler then a chopper bike or cruiser built from junk....would be a chopper bike or cruiser with an engine mounted on it. I would have been the coolest kid in ten counties to have a ride like that. A legend in my own mind at the very least.
However the sad fact was that it was more of a fantasy at that age, and something that just was not going to get built from parts in the junk ditch or from the money I earned cashing in pop bottles or raking leaves all day for fifty cents for the nice old lady down the road.

If I was going to have a cool motorized was going to have to wait until I was a bit older and made my millions being an astronaut or test pilot for top secret government experimental aircraft programs. Or just maybe the worlds Greatest fisherman winning every tournament I would enter.

Well..a lot of those fanciful dreams were not realized several decades later and I became content to just be a moderately paid humble bricklayer instead of the next Hugh Hefner, but I did find that I made just enough money to pay "most" of my bills and have just a tad left to help support a few hobbies that I could only dream about as a kid.

One dream I embarked upon was to build that motorized bicycle that I could not as a kid. The first ride through town took me back 35 years and I could imagine in my mind all my 9 year old buddies running outside to cheer me on as I sped by there homes. They would be yelling "that is the awesomest bike ever!!!!" as I motor on by to the next buddies house.

Suprisingly, what started out as a project to make a dream realized...actually is now something quite different and I enjoy my motorized bike for reasons now that would have not been thought of or appreciated as a kid.

I have found that as the world moves faster and faster...I tend to want to go slower and slower. As things get more and more technical and high tech....I tend to want things that are more simplistic. There are also so many of gods little wonders that we never notice speeding by in our cars at 60mph. However...cruising down a blacktop road at 20mph you really are able to appreciate all the beauty around you while enjoying the beautiful little simplistic machine under you putt putting along.

People that do not own or have not experienced these crude and simplistic little motorized bicycles will often ask" what would you get out of that motorized bike that you wouldn't get out of a rocketing motorcycle?" I guess the best answer is "If you have to ask the question, then you probably would never understand the answer." An old kid on his cool simple motorized bike enjoying life and this worlds wonders at a blistering 20mph!
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