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Default Re: Dual Suspension 'Roo'

Good to hear you got a good reving engine in that one but I'm sure it really bites that you wrecked the front rim... I guess this is the best time to break it all back down for painting tho since you'll be waiting for new rims to come in.

I'm in the same boat with mine where I'm so close to finishing it the way I want but I also know it all has to come back off so I can finish up a few welds and then paint the frame. It is rideable now but with some of the welds just tacked into place it's not something I would rely on or ride more than a few hundred feet away from the house. the short rides I have taken it on up the street did let me know the engine is pretty much spot on with good aceleration and I can feel it wanting to go faster but it's far from broken in still
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