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Default Re: Second gas tank to crack and leak

Originally Posted by scribling View Post
Really? KCvale, you haven't had this problem? I wish I could say the same. The tanks are typical Chinee crap. I've been getting them from a shop called Pistonbikes near me.
Actually I did break one loose one stud on one my very early builds come to think of it.
I used JB Weld Marine on it, it resists gas as well as water.

The trick is to isolate the tank from the frame with something that will allow you to snug it up good but not move unless hit which is actually a good thing, it's beats a dented tank if it falls over.

That's easy here, I cut that hard grip off all my throttles and throw the stock grips away and use BMX style foam grips, with a little hot soapy water you can 'milk it' on to the throttle barrel.

Anyway, I have leftover foam grip material and rubber cement a 3" long piece the width of the tank channel between each set of studs and snug the tank up.

Of course you could always go with a back rack and mount the tank there like this Caddy...

I had forgotten all about that pic.
That has the coolest front basket ever.
It's a dual handle shopping basket that locks on to the front mount when you put the handles down, and comes right off when you lift the handles up.

Then of course you can go with an even a cooler 'beer keg' tank and mount it to your seat bolts like I did this Caddy.

I had Coyote Tanks in Southern Arizona make that up for me, it was like $125.
I had them weld tabs on it the width of the seats neck fastener and just used a couple of left over rag joint 3 hole semi-circle metal mounts to attach it to the seat.

In short, there are many ways to carry fuel, just be creative ;-}
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