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Default Re: KC's 68cc 4-stroke 4-speed soft tail

Originally Posted by KCvale View Post
If you followed this thread I bought the engine first as it was a heck of deal with no idea what I was going to mount it on. If it turns out to be crap, lesson learned.

I'll know soon enough as the bike frame is LA now so I should have it in a couple of days.

Guess I better take a look at the engine now ya think?
My experience with the Honda clones has been positive, I own two bikes with a 100 and 125 CC engines. One has over 10,000 miles, still has good compression and runs well.

The Lifans are remarkably stout and durable, ( caveat..) as long as you do regular maintenance. Check the valves clearance cold before firing up the first time. I'd also stick to a 1000 mile oil change routine and drain the shipping oil the engine comes with and replace with a good quality Dino #30 or 10-40 like Delo 400 LE for the first break-in, ( cast-iron cylinders need to be broke in gentle..) and changed at 300 and 600 miles for the first two changes as there will be a bit of break-in wear metal-flakes that gets suspended in the first two oil uses.

This is normal for the clones.

If you are getting an oil cooler type engine, get the best cooler you can buy, it will help in Arizona especially.
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