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Default Re: Just ordered another rose326 kit.

Originally Posted by maniac57 View Post
Others will argue with this but...IMHO the Cag's are boat anchors at best.
Unless you enjoy misery and constant fiddling and part replacement, carb rebuilds and clutch wear, I strongly suggest you avoid the CAG's.
They usually run without problems just long enough to keep you interested.
Heartbreak and bad language awaits.
And a HUGE pile of "spares".
OK I will defer to your previous experiences.

Although I have to say it sounds like the problems that CAG engines have is that they're set up too 'hot' for their mechanical durability. Being someone who's nursed along obsolete cars far beyond what 'normal' people would get out of them, I could see detuning the CAG's would probably extend their life greatly.

From what I've read they frequently damage their plastic shroud and recoil starter, so an aluminum replacement would be a good first farkling, and a optimized bit of shrouding off the left side of the cylinder. I would also try adapting the reed case/block to a smaller pumper carb from a 30 cc engine. The pluses I see with the CAG's is that they're a reed valve, they have an integral air-cooling fan and recoil start, they fit a bunch of the rear rack kit's like the Stanton and GEBE with the 74mm clutch. I'm not looking at running these at super legal speeds, I'd be happy with about 25-30 mph and better reliability.