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Default Re: Second gas tank to crack and leak

Really? KCvale, you haven't had this problem? I wish I could say the same. The tanks are typical Chinee crap. I've been getting them from a shop called Pistonbikes near me.

The problem with my bike is that I have two top tubes, so I can either put my tank on crooked or, what I did with the last one, cut the back studs off at ~1/4" and fabricate a bracket with a bolt in the middle. This worked great, I thought, and then the front stud cracked.

I bought the rear bookrack tank but it is all wrong. The rack and tank don't fit together well, and either configuration, filler to front or rear present problems. Filler and bung are on the same side of the tank so if I put the filler to the rear I have an outrageously long gas line that will stick out past the end of the fender and loop back around, and with the filler at the front the petcock hits the break caliper.

I'm thinking of taking one (or all) of my broken tanks and having it welded, at least they (sort of) fit on the bike. Or, maybe mount a teardrop tank on the book rack ...

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