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Hi all,

New here. I recently bought a used motorized bike from someone on Craigslist. It was super fun to ride the first time, then it kinda went downhill. At first, the left pedal came off. I put it back on, and left it for the night. Then, this morning, I thought to myself, Ill take it out for a test ride. I made sure everything was alright, then set off. I made it about a 1/4 of a mile down the street when I heard a loud noise. I immediatley disengaged the engine, and stopped. Then I turned off the engine, and turned around to see what the noise was. The chain that was driving the motorized part was caught in between the wheel and the large gear. I put it back on, then decided to pedal back home. To top it off the pedal fell off right outside my driveway. I brought it back, took off the chain gaurd, then opened up the clutch, as I heard that the gear inside the clutch can be jammed by the chain. I didn't see any jam, so I put it back together. I left the chain guard off, and tried to start it again. Once again, the chain was stuck. I came here hoping you guys would have some ideas to help me out. Thanks a lot. BTW, I'm 16.

Link to pictures:

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