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Default Re: Just ordered another rose326 kit.

Originally Posted by wtwrestling07 View Post
yo, quick update on the rose kit i just ordered and got put together, i took the chain tensioner off and just put some shims between the motor mounts and its running like a champ. almost used a whole tank of gas and got to bike to idle on its own, just took a few runs around to block and its starting to get broke in. its definatly worth the $145. ill post some more picture and a video tomarrow of the bike running and idling so you can see what it looks and sounds like. im running a 16:1 mix in it right now. only problem with the kit is the chain tensioner. its more of a chain derailler then a tensioner.
Two things:
16:1 is FAR too much oil and your motor will never run right.
The tensioners almost ALWAYS require a twist to line up. I use a huge crescent wrench to give it the proper twist. DO NOT try this ON the bike or you will likely bend the framestay.
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