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Default Re: Brake lever as Chain tensioner or Pizza Cutter

Originally Posted by Technocyclist View Post


I found that the chain was loose at 15 links, so I tried installing a motorcycle chain with 15 links, but it was too tight. So I tried removing a half link - I am using halflink chains, could that be that the problem? -anyways, so I removed a half link, but it was also too tight. I also tried 16 link motorcycle chain, but it was too loose...

Here are some additional pics...
Thanks for the pictures. Yes there is enough difference in chains to make the link count only apply to the 415 chain. Why can't you just use the 415 chain? Also, you can ever so slightly slot the left plate to pull it rearward, of course making sure everything stays very well aligned.

Did your engine come with those studs?

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