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Default Re: Brake lever as Chain tensioner or Pizza Cutter

Originally Posted by Pablo View Post
Technocyclist - Very ingenious, but your left chain should not be so slack in the first place. I'm wondering if you have an interesting variant engine or an alignment problem. Can you post or send more pictures of your installation?
Ok, so I have been using this chain tensioner for a week and it was'nt so stable as I thought. The sprocket tends to move sideways, so the side of the chain still touches crankcase. So to solve this sideways movement, I put a larger washer, a drawer washer to be exact. The larger washer rests on the bottom engine mount preventing the sideways movement. Going to test again... I also upgraded the jockey pulley sprocket to bigger ones with sealed ball bearings.


I found that the chain was loose at 15 links, so I tried installing a motorcycle chain with 15 links, but it was too tight. So I tried removing a half link - I am using halflink chains, could that be that the problem? -anyways, so I removed a half link, but it was also too tight. I also tried 16 link motorcycle chain, but it was too loose...

Here are some additional pics...
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