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Default Re: KC's 68cc 4-stroke 4-speed soft tail

Originally Posted by scotto- View Post
The latest Motopeds are very well built and are a real bargain at that price......made in China. Seems to me that China is becoming the new Japan.

Nothing wrong with that. Affordable quality that can't be beat.
Actually it seems they are made in Kachsung Taiwan, at least that's where it shipped from.

Originally Posted by redneck82
dude, your bike's bad ass!!! im looking at building something along those lines with an rx50 upgrade kit... boosts it up to 125 also a 4 speed... im doing on a limited budget though so im scrapping it together from a few different bikes...
Cool redneck.
What does that 'upgrade kit' have that turns a 50cc's power into a 125cc's power, a turbocharger or something?

That would be something wouldn't it, a turbocharger for these little 4-strokes?

This was supposed to be a powerful but cheap 4-stroke build.
I snagged the engine for under $300 delivered and was just going to mount it on a ~$350 bicycle frame until a 'friend' on my business forum pointed out that that 'for just a couple thousand more I could have...' a pre-jackshafted full suspension dual disc brake bicycle with specific mount points for the engine I just bought it was a no brainier.

$2500 for a bicycle in today's world is nothing for the serious rider, heck this electric shifter I am still dinking with (breaks drive chain) is on a $3,500 Specialized frame.

With $1,200 in electronics in that Specialized I could darn near build 2 of these 86cc 4-speed 4-strokes on Motoped frames for the same price.
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