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Default Re: I had to (Sob!!) give up my MB.

Yeah, I try to remember to count my blessings.

In ways, it even gets better. Down at river level my commute involves typical urban sprawl. One main hwy, 2 lanes each way, that's typical of many. Debris, broken shoulders, etc. However, there are alternatives.

If I 'snake' around a bit I can get my path on that particular road down to almost nothing. The longest stretch is about a hundred feet or so. And right at that point the pavement is quite good. Lanes are nice and wide. There's no shoulder but there's a gutter that's wide enough to qualify as a narrow bike lane. Between that and the wide car lane, there's enough room for cars to pass without anyone getting uptight. Everywhere else I'm either out of traffic or on residential streets.

So I have been blessed with a darned good path to and from work.
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