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Default Re: Second gas tank to crack and leak

Originally Posted by scribling View Post
Well, the third tank broke too. Those teardrop tanks suck. I bought a rear rack tank but of course it doesn't fit right. Nothing ever works correctly with these bikes. It's like a test of engineering and tooling skills to see if you can get one of these bikes together and running.
I decided to clean this tank out before using it ... OMG, was there a lot of crap in there. I used apple cider vinegar and let it sit for a day or two, twice. It's finally pretty clean now. I can't believe the crap that came out of this thing.
Which is why we always suggest cleaning the tank before installing it and to use an in-line fuel filter. I've yet to see a clean kit tank. They come from the factory with rust, dirt and scale (no extra charge) so they must be cleaned before using them.

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