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Default Re: Need some help diagnosing.

I gotta agree on the warm up and the short trips, but add some WOT in there and a lean mix and things can heat up on the top end pretty fast... especially with a stock head... Now to completely warm up the engine where the crank wheels actually heat up to full operating temperature, yeah, that takes a bit longer... like around 15 minutes of riding time, not running at idle, but riding at a decent pace. The parts that are prone to overheating and tend to get destroyed by heat are the cylinder, head, and piston, they get too hot and bad things happen. I do doubt it can get that hot in just one mile tho, even at WOT.

as far as having a slightly higher top speed with less compression, that is possible at higher rpm's where compression is less relevant and the engine can make slightly more power instead of less, but the rpm's have to be prety high and the increase is hardly noticeable except on a dyno or maybe you'll see another mph on a gps
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