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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Just a quick word on this Morini engine I got from Treatland... When it got here it was very well packaged so it seemed like forever I was cutting thru tape, cardboard, foam, and bubble wrap before I saw there was an engine somewhere in there... A+ on the packaging.
The engine it's self, I was wondering about since there's very little info on the net about this one and Treatland is the only place I've seen one for sale... at least a complete one that's not missing a lot of parts... I was wondering if these were new or new old stock etc, but they're rebuilt so the bottom ends look nice and new but the cylinder and head looks like it's over 30 years old, but in excellent condition, I removed the clutch cover and it has brand new variators and a new belt so no worries there.
this thing does have some size and width compared to a China Girl so it definitely won't be replacing my HT engine in that bike, but I may buy another cruiser with a large frame or a steel frame mountainbike that I can cut out the lower tube and make one that'll cradle this engine. this project I'll spend more time on the assembly since modifying a frame looks mandatory, but I'll take lots of pics on the way and start a thread to post progress as I go.
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