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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Glad to hear you're ok after that crash... I know exactly what you mean by seeing something and thinking "this looks like fun" .. or Hey everybody... Watch This" ... Anyway, glad you're ok and the bike is still ok.

Good deal on the mountainbikes Map... You think like I do... I'm not interested in the bikes, but look at all those good parts I can harvest from them... lol

For me, I got my Girvin Noleen front end installed on mine and since it's a trailing axle type fork, the back of the front tire is about an inch further back than it was with the original suspension fork and the tire just rubs on my expansion chamber pipe so I'm going to cut about 3/4" section out of the header and weld it back up so I'll have my tire clearance back.
Also, my Morini Dual Variated engine came in today so I'll be looking for a large frame bike to put it in and was thinking about that large aluminum frame 29er that Walmart sells, but I'll have to get some measurements before I buy, it also came with a genuine Dellorto SHA 14 14 carb so I may take my CNS carb off the HT engine and see how the Dellorto does on it, then if it works good I'll keep it on there and buy the 21mm manifold and carb for the Morini engine since I'll be upgrading it with the 70cc kit before I install it in anything.
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