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Default Re: Dual Suspension 'Roo'

My Roo has arrived!
So I did have a longer than anticipated wait,
However, this thing is obviously 'handcrafted'.
It appears to have been test run.
Everything about this engine kit so far (it is mounted but not yet tested) has been spot on, to many details to list, but the fins on the barrel have been given a touch up and look neat.
It has 306 S/S head fasteners with helicoils in the cases,
All Allen head fasteners,
Nord lock washers,
Everything is greased properly,
Discreetly laser cut 'decals'.
High performance and reliability Mag coil.
Quality plug cap and lead.
Good quality chain,
44t and 39t sprockets,
6mm studs on the fuel tank,
NGK plug.
Speed carb,
ect., ect.
If you are looking for a Quality engine kit, without all the mucking around of putting it together your self,
I have not been 'rewarded' for this review other than the quality of what I have received.
I've basically just got to try and fit a carb in there somewhere and I'll be giving it a good thrashing!

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