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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Big G that sounds awesome. Someday I hope to have your skills. Sorry to hear about your customer service issues tho, people are so rude. Especially since it was the companies fault not your own.

Today I didn't do much to my ride except crash it. First crash I have had motor-bicycling.

You know those blue barrels filled with cement, weighing around 400 lbs? Well as I was pulling into work I saw a bunch and decided to ride between two of them. At the last second I noticed there was a steel cable spanning between them and got clotheslined from my ride at 35mph. (which in itself is awesome cause that means I have brought this build from 19mph to 35mph in the last few weeks ) When I crashed I pulled two of those barrels down with me so you know I hit HARD.

Luckily my bike is fine, just a few scratches from what I can see. I survived with a dented left arm, aching knee, messed up right hand and a little ankle pain. The hand part is my least favorite since I work with computers/lasers, so my index finger and thumb are my main tools! But yeah, overall it was still a great ride, bike ran smooth, and meds kicked in so I feel pretty dang good. And lucky it was so minor it could've been much worse
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