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Default Greetings from Bremen, Germany.

Hi y'all. Actually, I've registered at this forum for the sake of answering on one thread only (the old one on compression ignition/diesel mopeds), but might just as well introduce myself.

My ride is a Chinese 50 (well, now 80 :P) ccm 4stroke scooter that, apart from tuning to run E85 ethanol fuel, is in need of general overhaul of fuel system (I HATE rust and gunk in the tank! And that with a passion!!!).

Not so much into motorized bicycles, I nonetheless might end up having to start tinkering around with them since my father, while living 30 km out into the countryside, is too much of a lazy sunnova to get himself a driving licence to commute to Bremen and back.
So I am contemplating the possibilities of restoring a motorized bicycle with a puny 30 ccm Sachs one-gear engine (eats lotsa 2 stroke oil, is heavy and slow as ****, but I probably don't need to buy anything for it), strapping a scooter engine (of which I have one spare) and accompanying wiring (gonna cost me very little) to a bicycle, or going the electric route (fairly costly initially, but he could recharge at work).

Other than that,

I am a part-time's part time engine nut (largely theory, sadly) and like tinkering.

Should anyone need anything translated from (or to) Russian or German, be my guest.
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