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Default Re: a tiny innovation

Originally Posted by Tom Allen View Post
I will have to test it on the morning of the day I am heading out.If it looks dicey to me I will keep it off. Or I may figure some way to tint the lens red or yellow. Can't return it now. Well, I guess I could use it for the purpose it was designed could't I? But there goes my innovation.
Square piece of red cellophane and an elastic band would work a treat to tint the light ,I use a small cheap 1cell led light ,cheap as chips and it's bright but un offensive ,I use it during the day aswell on the rear as it adds an extra bit of here I am to my daily ride
I tinted the white led,s with a red permanent marker and they seem to work well ,the added advantage is once the light goes flat it only costs $2 to replace rather than spend the dish on new batteries

Cheers Henshooter
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