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Default Re: a tiny inovation

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
...The reason brake lights are on cars is because they are mandatory. The reason is because drivers are too distracted with everything but the task of driving and the laws were passed in an attempt to make up for poor driving habits. Typical.

If you're watching traffic ahead of you and keep a proper following distance there is no reason to rely on a red light to tell you the car ahead of you is slowing or stopping. Any able bodied human has the capability to make those judgements. They just don't need to because of mandatory features like brake lights. Gives them more time to devote to the phones/kids/pets/billboards/their lunch/breakfast/makeup/ etc, etc...

Despite my previous, this is not untrue as driving skill depends on environmental awareness & thus, depends greatly on that environment. Make it safe & you'll get complacent, unskilled operators - if it's hazardous you'll get some level of skill and casualties.

Casualties are ofc intolerable, thus we festoon ourselves with blinky lights & dayglo oranges, encased in a cocoon of nerf we pretend all responsibility is someone else's and we'll sue the point...

There's downsides to both, but that's humanity for ya
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