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Update on the bike: I got it running great. Runs perfect now. I had to grind off the bottem waterbottle bolt so the engine can sit at more of an angle, and I turned the U bolt the other way b/c I noticed I had it on upside down. I also noticed I had the sprocket on backwards so I put it on the right way and centered it better. I have been reading alot on this forum about chains poping off and chain tensioners and started reading on a post that said to get rid of the chain tensioner alltogether and put some shims between the engine mount and it worked perfect. I have been riding it around for the last couple hours and its awsum. It's still riding kinda rough because its a brand new engine, its definatly getting better the more I ride it. I think im still gona get the front motor mount from and the set of machined shims from, that way for sure the engine will stay put. I got alot of plans for the bike just gona be awhile before I get it all put together. For now I just wana focus on keepin the bike running. Only problem right now is I dont have any brakes. Coaster brake arm wouldn't clear the bolts and I dont have any way to bend it. I dont even have a garage to work in right now because im renting a room. Im gona go to the junk yard in the next couple days and see if I can find an old bike with caliper brakes I can take off or just order some off of ebay or amazon. I think there only about $15.00 or so for just the rear or about $20.00 for both with a dual brake lever. One thing for sure is im gona put some 25" ape hangers on it.
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