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Default Re: a tiny innovation

Originally Posted by Davezilla View Post
Maybe he has a red lens so it don't offend anyone coming up from behind... Really... I'd either use a red one or just face it forward... Those LED's are obnoxiously bright when ya take a direct hit in the eye from one. I'm just mentioning this because if someone is behind you in a car and they get blinded by that led you might get unintentionally hit.

The reason is because these things have a narrow but concentrated beam so they work very well as headlights, and any oncoming traffic isn't directly in front of you, but slightly off to the side so they don't offend... but from directly behind, there is a chance the beam could hit and blind someone following you if it's at the right hight and pointing just right... Isn't a rear mounted engine about the same hight as someone's face when sitting in a car?
I will have to test it on the morning of the day I am heading out.If it looks dicey to me I will keep it off. Or I may figure some way to tint the lens red or yellow. Can't return it now. Well, I guess I could use it for the purpose it was designed could't I? But there goes my innovation.
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