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Originally Posted by greaser_monkey_87 View Post
We didn't always have brake lights, but there's a reason we do now. Cars also used to have wooden frames. There is a reason they don't anymore. Aside from brake lights that seem too bright, the obvious advantage is that you can't always predict when another driver is going to make a sudden stop. You can't always stop in time anyway, but brakes lights or no brake lights don't change that. And if a driver does happen to make a sudden stop, being automatically warned of it does give you more time to react, albeit a very marginal difference at times, it takes less time for your brain to react to a brake light than it does to realize they're making a stop when you're not being warned. So, I vote for brake lights. But not for obnoxious flashing tail lights. I saw a guy on a crotch rocket the other day and his brake light was flashing. Ridiculous. I'm not voting for those ones.
No, you're wrong. The reason brake lights are on cars is because they are mandatory. The reason is because drivers are too distracted with everything but the task of driving and the laws were passed in an attempt to make up for poor driving habits. Typical.

If you're watching traffic ahead of you and keep a proper following distance there is no reason to rely on a red light to tell you the car ahead of you is slowing or stopping. Any able bodied human has the capability to make those judgements. They just don't need to because of mandatory features like brake lights. Gives them more time to devote to the phones/kids/pets/billboards/their lunch/breakfast/makeup/ etc, etc.

The biggest problem with brake lights is people over react to them. One driver taps his brake pedal, the driver behind him actually applies his brakes, the one behind him applies more brake and in short time traffic comes to a stop, for no reason. If drivers were made to drive and learn to judge what's going on in front of them we could eliminate many of the traffic problems out there. Instead we have brake lights.

Ever see brake lights in a NASCAR race? No, and that's because the drivers know how to judge where they are in relation to the ones in front of them. They don't need a light to tell them.

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