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Default Re: a tiny inovation

We didn't always have brake lights, but there's a reason we do now. Cars also used to have wooden frames. There is a reason they don't anymore. Aside from brake lights that seem too bright, the obvious advantage is that you can't always predict when another driver is going to make a sudden stop. You can't always stop in time anyway, but brakes lights or no brake lights don't change that. And if a driver does happen to make a sudden stop, being automatically warned of it does give you more time to react, albeit a very marginal difference at times, it takes less time for your brain to react to a brake light than it does to realize they're making a stop when you're not being warned. So, I vote for brake lights. But not for obnoxious flashing tail lights. I saw a guy on a crotch rocket the other day and his brake light was flashing. Ridiculous. I'm not voting for those ones.
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