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Default a tiny inovation

Today I purchased a bike light at Walmart. Reason--in a day or two I have to ride about 45 miles, some of it on moderately trafficked back country highways. I bought the light so I could show it to any cop that might get fussy with me. While I was studying the mounting instructions and the contour of the lamp, it occurred to me I could easily put some Velcro on this thing and attach it, not in front of me where I will never need it--I don't ride at night EVER. But I could set the thing on the gear cover of my Golden Eagle Honda engine--rear mounted of course--point it toward the stampede coming up behind, set to flashing mode and voila! Peace of mind! At least more peace of mind than without it. The lamp is one of those high intensity led lights that are REALLY bright and showy even in daylight. I wish I could upload a pic of this arrangement but have none right now. Anyway, I pass the idea on for what it's worth. I would like to think it is original but--hahahaha on a forum as full of ingenious characters as this.
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