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Talking Re: HEET/GasDry, winter riding and frozen jets

Originally Posted by NEAT TIMES View Post
2 Door, Thanks For Posting Your Test Results On The Washer Fluid. You Busted That Myth!! What Is The Cost Of Heet Now?? The Last Time I Bought Rubbing Alcohol It Was 2 For A Buck. Have No Idea Prices Now.. Its As Good As Heet!!
thats a idea... but the problem is still the 70% h20 content, over the counter Iso-Propyle alcohol is only 30%. Maybe the reason the guy was using washing fluid with the "Diesel" generators is their built to be a little more forgiving and are far more versitile in construction. **** some of the military grade diesels can run on just about anything that burns wether it be Beef eater vodka, Jetfuel/Hexane, Dieseol, Kero, white gas, and possibly filtered cooking oil. Or it could have been something they used or recommended to use so some block would blow their engine and have to buy a whole new setup. I would recommend that you look into building that bowl warmer/ carb heater.
Personaly knowing how i ride my beast that tin foil thing would not last very long, i give daps for the enginuity of such a thing but its defienately not a long term solution. Just make sure the element doesnt get to warm i don want a lawsuit cause someone burst into flames using my advice. =')
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