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Default Re: Just ordered another rose326 kit.

Originally Posted by Citi-sporter View Post
I have to say that Rose326A has been my Ebay store of choice for both of my Lifan Honda horizontal clone engines and bits for both of my motorcycle re-engines. Always a fast shipper and always responds to questions.

I'm sort of in the market for a 48 cc HT engine. But I'm looking for a used, fixer upper, older design with the non slant head. My desire for a kit goes between the HT engine and getting a CAG pocketbike and adapting it to a bike.
Others will argue with this but...IMHO the Cag's are boat anchors at best.
Unless you enjoy misery and constant fiddling and part replacement, carb rebuilds and clutch wear, I strongly suggest you avoid the CAG's.
They usually run without problems just long enough to keep you interested.
Heartbreak and bad language awaits.
And a HUGE pile of "spares".
If more is better, then too much is just enough.
If you can't afford it, build it yourself.