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Default Re: Just ordered another rose326 kit.

I'm pretty sure that rose326 is where I got my current engine. A 49cc china girl.

It's just past it's second birthday. During that time it's driven either my daughter or myself to work nearly every work day. There haven't been many times when we've been at work while that bike has sat at home.

If you factor in the non-work day that I've ridden it for fun or for local errands and such, I think I''m fairly close to the truth when I estimate that that bike has been ridden every work day during those two years. Wait a minute; I'm going to discount that by a total of 4 months. That's 2 months per year to take into account the heart of winter. Because I didn't ride very much then.

Okay, the total number of work days in 2 years would be about 560. Subtracting 80 (to winters) would give 480 days of riding in those two years.

My work commute is 12 miles round trip. So 12 X 480 is 5760 miles in two years. And I'll bet that's a pretty accurate estimate of the number of miles on this engine.

The engine itself has given me no trouble during this time. It starts up every time.

It's been a good one.