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Default Re: Peoria, Illinois

We have one truck (465) that we use as a rescue unit. It is one we got
from Bollingbrook. As such, it is set up more for cities as it can handle
just about everything as a fire department vehicle. It also carries 1500
gallons of water along with the 1500 gpm pump for firefighting, fast dump,
fast/ heavy draft (with extra hard suction 5", 4", and 2.5" hoses), hose
lays of 1 3/4", 2.5", generator and air systems, and just about everything
one can think of for rescue and firefighting other than a kitchen sink.

All total we have six trucks, and two ambulances with two stations six
miles apart. Unfortunately, my temporary home is right in the middle
between those two stations so that I have a three mile drive on Rt 26
to get to either on a call. I usually take my motorcycle on a call. I can
go much faster than with my car. I don't much care for the fast driving
at my age these days, but I usually must move at speeds of 85+ mph.
On this narrow Rt 26, the motorcycle can move much better to get there.
But, I will be 75 this October, and I thought my fast driving/ riding days
were long past. Some people hate me when I am doing 45 or 50 in a 60+
zone with my normal auto driving. lol

We just finished our helicopter ground school training. (My umpteenth time
now.) Due to the weather of the time our helicopter flight training was
postponed to be on some later date. I have flown many times so I am not
really concerned about it. I will let the others who have little to none handle
that as long as I can. I have been a medic for 41 years. I think it is time I
let the younger ones do that now. Heck, when I have to lift anything, or
climb into a truck with all my gear I have a real problem these days.

I have had both elbows reconstructed a few years back, heart surgery in
2011, and back surgery to implant two Titanium Coflex devices to replace/
repair two bad vertebrae just before Christmas six months ago. I still have
not yet regained all my strength and flexibility as of yet. Last week at my
three month checkup the doctor gave me two orders; I am not to pick up
my motorcycle (850 pounds) if I drop it; I am not supposed to bend to
pick up something on the ground. Both of which are frustrating to me. If
I do drop my motor, it isn't always convenient to find help, and if I have
to pick up something on the ground the arthritis in my knees does not
let me squat unless I have someone, or something to help me up again.

I have to face the fact that the ole bod isn't working the way I am used
to even though most guess me at being only in my mid-forties due to my
youthful looks. (Appearing younger than actual age has run in my family
on my fathers side.) I am pleased with the fact that the 50 pounds I put
on when I stopped all of my projects when I diagnosed myself with the
heart problem in 2010 is almost gone now. I want to lose the last few
pounds yet, and also would like to lose about ten more than that. That
means I need to yet lose about 15 pounds. That does cause some problems
with my clothes. My old pants will fall down if I am not wearing my belt.
My 17 1/2 size shirts are down to a point between L and M now. I can
taper them to fit better in the chest and waist, but it is a much more of
a chore to take in the neck and shoulders. Having owned the uniform store
here for many years I am a qualified tailor, but just don't care to sit at
a sewing machine these days.

Well, while the weather is clear and nice, I am headed into town to get
a few things. I hope we don't get any calls while I am away. Ten miles
is too far to run for a call.

Take care,
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