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Default Re: Dual Suspension 'Roo'

Good questions Rob, I'd like to try this new motor stock before testing mods.
And just peddling this thing off a few small drop offs, I am impressed, however a dampened rear shock would be better as it can have the tendency to bounce you off of your seat on a decent pothole, but still better than no shock.
Carb, I have limited room for a speed carb, however may just squeeze one in with a custom offset manifold. I'm leaning towards using a 15mm barrel carb, would really like to put a reed valve in there also, so the barrel carb or walbro will likely be the best fit.
Exhaust, again will start off with standard pipe, but I have already started trying to get a KTM 'Fatty'/Pro pipe to fit, and it looks as if it will with a bit of a cut and twist and a different header.
I found a standard bicycle caliper in my junk pile that just squeezes between disc and sprocket today, giving a neat installation,
New motor will be here any day, But I really need to find the time to finish the frame and give it a quick coat of paint.
It's school holidays now, so between work and kids...
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