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I have done quite a bit of masonry work over the years out at the Ingersoll camp. I also do water rescue training out there since I am a fireman. Real nice out there.[QUOTE]

What a coincidence! Your mention of being a fireman I now read
just after returning from running one call of the three we just
had in our district, all of which were due to the severe storm
going on now.

As for water rescue, we sure don't need that here. As a matter
of fact, we don't have any water for firefighting other than what
we have in our trucks, tankers, portable tanks, which all comes
from the river. In all of the 47 square miles of this district we
have not even one hydrant. I have been in several departments
over the years, and chief of one, but always had much better
water sources, and hydrants.

I spent forty-one years as a licensed medic, and a few more as
a fireman, with about ten total years also as a police officer, but
gave it all up when I retired a few years ago. This year I made a
temporary move into this district in Woodford County, and saw
that they needed help. I had known the chief here from the
days when he was a firefighter with this department, and I was
a chief. We met quite a few times each year at various schools.
Now, I am one of his men. I have tried to act as just the man
with the broom to clean out the truck bays, but he always makes
mention of his knowledge of me being able to do all of the jobs,
including his. For a time I had most of the other guys believing it.
Now, I might have to work. lol

We only have 35 people on our department. We have an average
of 450 calls each year, and also run two ambulances. Many of our
calls come in pairs so often that if one ambulance is called for, we
always get the second one on the road as well. So many calls with
so few people is difficult to cope with every day and hour of each
week. We are preparing to try some direct mail recruiting.

Two weeks ago we had a house fire where we had to call in for
mutual aid, which required ten departments for enough people
for a fire that lasted all day, and to haul in enough water. Our
own tanker is only 3,000 gallons. Two other departments with
2,000 gallons each also hauled two loads each.

I would like to get that friends MoPed, as well as a motor kit for
one of my bikes. My wife used to ride a motorcycle, but with
her health today she can't hold up any but the very lightest. A
bike would be better for her. I have seen a couple of 80cc ones
that I have been considering. I know that as an officer I never
concerned myself with the size of a motor on a motorbike.

I did like that bike that is called the 50 mph bicycle. It does do
that kind of speed, and it is electric. To build one is just too much
money for me.

Take care,
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