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Default Re: 2 stroke make and mileage

I have a basic 2-stroke China Gurl. I bought it from That's Dax back in February of 2010. When I received it, the kit was complete and in excellent shape for what it was. Right way though, I did some port-matching, put in an NGK plug, tuned the carb jet slightly, and got a performance air filter from SBP. Over time I upgraded the throttle and plug wire, and found superb white tires, and tinkered with probably dozens of other things, cosmetic and otherwise.
I truly wish I could tell you honestly how many miles are on her. This engine's on its second motorbike now. It passed the thousand mile mark probably a few thousand miles ago. I ride whenever I have spare time and no chores (i.e. in the evening while the kids are asleep). But I have no speedo on it right now to tell me how much traveling I'm doing. So long as she runs as smooth as she does, I'm not picky. I'm pretty sure I'm not speeding though.

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