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Default Re: Peoria, Illinois

I am a coffee junkie myself and hopefully sometime we can get together for a cup of joe. However on the fourth I will be with the whole tribe and their enthusiasm for my motorized bike ventures is very low. LOL So perhaps a time when I don't have a load of wife and daughters with me.

Sorry to hear about your uncle. Construction can be dangerous and I have had my share of near misses over the years. I always said just as soon as I can retire...I am throwing my mason tools off one of the bridges as I cross the Illinois river never to be used again! Perhaps in another 10 years or so.

I have done quite a bit of masonry work over the years out at the Ingersoll camp. I also do water rescue training out there since I am a fireman. Real nice out there.

If you ever get a engine kit...just give a holler if you need help getting it together. Always happy to help a fellow rider if I can. I have built a few bikes for myself and a few for others and have learned a few things in the process.
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