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Default Re: How I got married today--to my helmet

Yes... it's that easy to pass out sometimes too... That's why my wife told me she didn't like the full face because she said she was feeling faint while not moving on the bike when it was like 100 over here then add to that because of the hot pavement and the heat reflected back up. I made sure she had a 3/4 helmet or a half shell next time we rode...
Man that's really dangerous when you fall back and hit your head like that... Be really careful the next few weeks not to take another impact as you can have a blood clot that could become fatal if it works it's way into the brain. We recently lost my step daughter to a blood clot from a broken ankle, she was ok but after removing her splint she was complaining about it being hard to breathe, then the next morning she was still feeling it and set up a doctors appointment but when her ride got there she said she couldn't get off the couch and they called EMS, EMS talked her into going to the hospital because she didn't want to go but they finally got her to agree and she went. The EMT's were telling us she seemed ok and was joking with them all the way to the hospital but as soon as they got her off the stretcher into the hospital bed, she stopped breathing and then her heart stopped, they tied at the emergency room for over an hour but she didn't make it. She was only 36 years old and this all stemmed from a broken ankle where a blood clot released and went into her lungs.

I've also had concussions and broken bones before from all my martial arts training and a few good crashes when I was younger and I've always had a problem taking it easy like the doctor said, but after this all happened I'm extra cautious about head injuries or broken bones etc...

Just take it real easy until the doctor tells you it's ok...
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