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Exclamation Huffy Cranbrook Project

I just built my first motorized bicycle, so i thought i would join this forum. I bought a Huffy Cranbrook on sale for $88.00 at walmart and bought a 80cc (66cc) Bicycle engine kit off of ebay for $145.00 with free shipping. I got my kit in the mail friday and had it all put together in a few hours except for sizeing the chain and drilling the handle bars. I had to go out the next day and buy a used drill and a punch for $5.00 to finish the project. I got it all put together by saturday morning and took it outside to test it out. At first I was having some trouble with the clutch arm then I got it working. Fired it up and it was running good. Rode it around the parking lot a few time then shut it off to let it cool down. Fired it up again and rode it around a few more time and it was still running good. After I tried to fire it up a third time the chain poped off and got stuck in the sprocket, so I had to go and get a screw driver and dig it out and put it back together. Well after about 3 or 4 more time of digging the chain out of the sprocket, I noticed I stripped the top bolt of the chain tensioner, so I went to lowes the next day to go buy some new heavy duty ones for it. After I got those put on, the chain is still poping off. I also noticed after the chain poped off so many times it messed up my back tire allignment so I had to straighten it back out. Still the chain is poping off. The only other thing I can think of is the front motor mount is not completely straight and kind of leans to the left a little b/c the large diamiter down tube bracket that was in the kit dosnt fit right. One side of the U bolt is hiting the engine so i cant tighten it down the way it should be without grinding half the threads off and i dont have a grinder. Its only off by a hair or so. Even with the engine mount the way it is i dont think it should be jerking the chain off the way it is. So with all this said, I am wondering has any one else ran into a problem like this or is there somthing I am missing or not seeing? I have read alot about using the kit as a daily driver and them being somewhat reliable so I know somthing isnt right. I am going to try to upload some pictures of the bike and the front mount and chain tensioner so you can see what im talking about. I am also thinking about buying a Large Universal Front Engine Mount from to fix the mount problem, I just dont know if that is gona fix the chain problem.
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