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Originally Posted by ckangaroo70 View Post

I live in London Mills if you are familiar with that very little spot on map. I work out of the Peoria bricklayers I am over your way quite often and pretty familiar with the area. The first two weekends of October is when we participate in the Spoon River Scenic drive. Always thought it would be fun to get some guys together during one of those weekends for a motorbicycling cruise down some country blacktop?


Other then messing with motorized bikes, flying RC airplanes and Go Kart racing......Catfishing is one of my favorite activities. I have a 17ft Lowe Hustler boat that is my Cat gettin machine. I catfish the Illinois River at Liverpool and also like to catfish the Mississippi over at Burlington. However...I live right on the Spoon River and fish it the most. In fact, I am frying catfish on the 4th of July and then plan to run over to Peoria for the Big Bang Boom fireworks display. Always a good show and I even saw a couple motorized bikes there last year, but didn't see there owners so I could talk there legs off. Going to be a great summer and fall!
ckangaroo70, I am definitely familiar with London Mills. I have
spent a good bit of time at Ingersoll over the years. I used to
get out that way fairly regularly.

My uncle was a bricklayer, and died on the job when he fell
from a 12' scaffold some years ago now. When he fell he was
in his 60's, and was at retirement age where he had been
considering that.

I still don't have a motorized bicycle yet. I have a couple of
old Schwinns that I have wanted to mount with motors, but
my SS just has not been enough most months to do that yet.
I do ride, though. Have been riding motorcycles since 1956.
Before that I had ridden a MoPed, Cushman, Doodlebug, and
a bicycle that I had a motor on also. I have a friend that has
an old one that I have been trying to talk him out of for the
past year. I might get it yet. It needs only a little work to get
it going. I think it is an older model MoPed. At present all I
have is an 81 Honda Goldwing Interstate GL1100i motorcycle.

My truck only gets 10 mpg highway, or city; my car only gets
17 city, and about 28 highway; But, my motorcycle gets about
40 mpg city and 60 mpg highway. Need I say more about what
I drive most?

What time might you be arriving in Peoria on the 4th? If early
enough, and possibly after we could meet for coffee, or something
for a visit a while. I dearly love to meet up with those I meet
online in these forums, and am always up for coffee shop chats.
(Definitely the coffee part, anytime, anywhere.)

You can always contact me by email at:

Take care,

Hi Cat!
I don't recall having the pleasure of meeting you in here
when I was on before. Good to see you here.

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