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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by Theon View Post
I've found that these carbs will work without pulse line relying just on head pressure from the tank, but much better to have it though.
By putting a good dob of grease to catch swath on the inside of the transfer ramp the pulse pick up could be drilled with out splitting the cases.
But pulse pick up can be taken from inlet manifold also but would not be as strong.
Also may need a return fuel line from carb to tank?
These type carbs are generally probably better suited to WOT style riding, I have only yet played with the $15 barrel carb, and like it.
I think i found my problem and this will help everybody i got my kit from jnmotors and the adapter space is wrong!!! the carb is vapor locking as the engine heats up the carb evaportes the fuel in the bubble and will not pump after the engine sits and cools the fuel returns. The engine does runs and performs great untill the carb is hot to touch. may have cooked the diaphragm DONT install these adapters on your motor. i might have to get a custom one made but im gona pull and old poly-carbonate one i have on a old goped and modify with a dremel using both the aluminum and the plastic i will post pictures. also fuel is being sucked into the the transfers from my pulse channel thats whats making my think the diaphragm is bad im not shure yet...

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