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Even though it's been awhile, this kit engine did get running again with a new mag, but the new cdi was bad and the original worked! I sold it to a friend of mine when I was out in Fort Meade that weekend. I have since gotten another and I think the quality has gone up. I ordered through Rose326a on ebay, and the tank this time around appears to have a coating on the inside. I don't know if it's just paint or an actual rust protectant, but it looks nice. I also learned how strong these are and I learned that the hard way. I don't know if I had left my tailgate down or if it didn't lock, but the last time it was in the back of my truck it went flying out the back into the road. No damage other than a bent rear wheel which I had to replace anyway due to bad bearings. The only real issue I'm having with this one is that the frame of the bike is too small. I'm using an old Murray Westport that has a 1" frame. I'm not sure of the year, but I would guess it's from the '70s. Either way, I've got about 250 miles on this one so far.
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