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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Arguably the worst possible start to the day. Pulled over by a cop who has seen me riding in the bike lane as I do, at about 35km/h. He reckons I was going too fast. He asks lots about my engine capacity (which I quote) and he still feels I'm going too fast and that it has to be more powerful than allowed. He's probably right but I've never put it over a dyno! A conversation follows about the legislation which I believe we are both a bit rusty on.
He then moves on to get all my details, address, licence etc and then takes a few photos of the bike.
Next comes the warning about how he is supposed to confiscate the bike and take it away for whatever testing might be done on it to prove it's illegal. Also the warning that if I am seen on it again, it will be a $1000 + fine and then of course confiscation of the bike.
So not only am I now in a position where I have no primary mode of transport, I am pretty much going to be deprived of this bloody awesome hobby that I've come to love.
At this stage I'm going over the options, but after a quick re-check of our new local rules, it seems they have a lot of room to move if they want to make life very difficult for me.
Sorry if it's a bit of a bummer to read, but I just wanted to share it with fellow lovers of the bikes.
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