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Default Re: Throttle cable housing shortening . . .

Here is what I did. I ordered a mini cable stop from treatland. It's small enough to fit the kit throttle. Here's a link:
What you will want to do is cut the end of the cable where it goes into the throttle tube, not the end that goes into the carb. Then pull the cable out of the housing. Run the housing from the handlebars to the carb, and cut it where you have just enough housing to reach the carb, in other words, remove any excess that is left after the housing is long enough to reach from the handlebars to the carb. Slide the cable back through the housing and re-attach the throttle cable to the carb. Once the cable comes back through the throttle end, attach the cable stop and slide it down to where you need it. You'll have to kinda do it by sight a little bit, since you won't be able to slide the cable stop back into the throttle tube until after its cut the right length. Once you've got the cable stop where you want it, tighten the little screw with a flathead screwdriver and slide the cable stop into the throttle tube. Re-assemble the throttle housing and check the throttle cable for slack, as you may have a little bit. I did. If you have slack, adjust the cable adjusters until there is no more slack. It worked great for me, and it should work fine for you as well. You will also have the ability to make a new throttle cable out of any regular bicycle cable in the future, should you need to.
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