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Default Re: Peoria, Illinois

Originally Posted by ckangaroo70 View Post
Can't believe I missed this tread a year ago. I live just 30 miles west of Peoria. Sorry I missed chatting with you guys on here last year.
Hi ckangaroo70.
30 miles West would put you somewhere from the Hanna City
to Farmington area. Not very far at all. I used to live in Norwood.
I get out Farmington road area quite a bit, usually about five to
six miles West of Peoria city limits.

Not much has gone on in here since the last posts of last year.
I even missed checking in here for a time as I have had to
make another move in the area. I still haven't been able to
find a new home in over a year now. I haven't even been able
to get an attorney to file my suit yet. I only have a year left
before I run out of time with the Statute of Limitations. I am
still working on that, and hope I don't have to file the case

If you are planning a trip in this way, try to let me know a
day o so in advance so that we might meet for coffee.

Till then,
Take care,
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